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    Athlete Mindset

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    The story behind the CBA

    As we start a new Year, I wanted to kick off by sharing my story. The incredible journey that led to the creation of the Chloe Bruce Academy.

    January 16th 2024

    7 steps in using visualisation for greatness in young athletes

    Visualisation is a technique used by many of sporting’s elite.  Here I teach techniques that were engrained on me from such a young age. 

    12th October 2023

    Why Martial Arts?

    Tang Soo Do expert Chloe Bruce shares her thoughts on why you should definitely give martial arts a try, and, or start your children today!

    2nd Feb 2023

    Dream Big Set Goals!

    As we enter 2021, Chloe Bruce gives you her top secrets on how to remain focused and stay on top of your goals year round!

    January 4th 2021

    Focus determines your Future

    Whether you want to be an elite athlete, a CEO, a Coach, or a successful entrepreneur learn how your focus determines your future.

    January 16th 2021

    CBA Exclusive

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    Bob and Brad Mini Massager

    I'm excited to bring you a comprehensive review of the Bob and Brad Mini Massager.

    23rd December 2023

    Sweaty Betty x Yvette UK

    I did a video comparing Sweaty Betty to Yvette UK. Take a look for yourself, I think you will be massively surprised!

    29th July 2022

    We Made it! Youtube Play button

    Chloe Bruce reaches 100,000 followers on Youtube and finally receives her YouTube Play Button. What a milestone and an achievement!

    27th May 2022

    Kickin' it with Tori!

    If you haven't already had the pleasure of knowing who Tori Boggs is, then get ready because you are about to meet an incredible woman!

    11th April 2022

    Training and Nutrition

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    The benefits of Foam Rolling

    Most people will benefit from foam rolling as part of a pre, or post-workout routine. Find out why Chloe finds foam rolling so effective

    8th February 2021

    The importance of warming up

    To stay safe and get the most out of your stretching or workout you must always include a warm-up.
    This will be the difference between slowly progressing within your stretches, to really noticing a difference. 

    5th November 2021

    What to eat before a workout

    Do you know what to eat before a workout? Here we discuss the necessary food to optimize your performance and support your body's needs.

    2nd November 2023

    Intermittent Fasting

    Let's explore how intermittent fasting can be incorporated into your fitness regimen, highlighting the benefits for optimising your workouts.

    14th August 2023