Welcome to the CBA!

I am so excited you are here and I cannot wait to help you create your very own success story! You now have so much support at your finger-tips to help you become a more flexible, more mobile martial artist. This varies from programming masterclasses, to educational modules, tutorials, live classes and of course the incredible community we have within the Academy.

Before you dive into the Academy, I have designed this page to show you around, and to help you get the most out of the Academy, which in turn will help you achieve your very own personal goals. 

Take your time to become familiar with the platform, and then dive head first into the 300+ classes we have available for you!

Before you get started, here's what you have available to you!

you can watch on any device

Practice on any screen

Enhance your training experience by having access to the CB Academy community and platform 24/7.  Continue your training on the go, whenever suits you with our all new Mobile app. Available on IOS and Android, for mobile phones and iPads.

Flexibility / Yoga

Stretching and Yoga classes that will help you achieve your flexibility goals today! Choose from a range of levels, all with easy to follow along, sequences that will teach the importance of correct breathing, body alignment and flow.

If you have some experience with stretching or familiar with yoga please navigate your way around the Flexibility classes and courses here.

Otherwise start off with our recommended 21 Day Flexibility series.

Martial Arts

The most comprehensive programs on the market for martial artists! How much do you want to improve your techniques, your strength? Your Co-ordination, or your discipline? Access over 300 Classes for all aspects of Martial arts, that will leave you eager to get back to your next training session!

If you really want to take your kicking to the next level and improve not only your flexibility but also the strength within your kicks, I would HIGHLY recommend my optimal kicks program.

If you are looking for more tutorial based videos, Check out my Ultimate Kick Package.

Or if you are total beginner check out my Tang Soo Do traditional syllabus here.

Bo Staff

I have some awesome courses for you to learn bo staff tailored for all levels from Total Beginner, to Intermediate and advanced courses. Be sure to check them out to start developing your skills today!

Training Levels Guide


Training programs or classes that are suitable for anyone just starting out, or that has been training for up to a year. People who want to take things a little slower, and want to ease their way into classes or techniques/poses.


Training classes or programs that will challenge you a little. These are for people with a more natural state of flexibility or physical abilities. People who have had previous physical training for around a year or more.


Training sessions and Classes for more of the elite athletes, or advanced practitioners. Classes will challenge you and push you beyond your boundaries. These are encouraged for people who have had physical training for many years.

Flexible pricing for flexible people

Monthly memberships available to suit your needs!